energy storage

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates join in backing Google idea to store energy in molten salt

In an interesting and innovative move, the company Malta, based in Massachusetts, have come up with the idea of storing electricity through heating molten salt. As well as gaining a range of interest from non-famous investors, they have also gained the support of two of the most famous, and richest, men in the world.

Both Jeff Bezos, principal owner of Amazon, and Bill Gates, leader of the Microsoft empire, have gotten behind this new technology as they see it’s potential to boost energy storage options going forward. The company has only been set up a year, but has shown tremendous growth, an indicator of the quality of their idea.

There have been many advances in energy storage in recent years, not least the developments in batteries for solar storage, but this new molten salt invention has the potential to be the best of the bunch. One of the issues with renewable energy is that the energy generated can at times be wasted, especially at peak times when energy is being generated faster than it can be stored. This new molten salt storage capability can help put this issue to rest and store the energy as long as needed.

Utilising an array of thermal energy capabilities, the energy is fascinatingly stored as heat in ‘solar salt’ as well as having the ability to be stored as cold in antifreeze liquid conditions. Having been stored as heat or cold, it can then be returned to the Grid as electricity when it is needed, with the capability of being stored for weeks if necessary.

This truly does have the potential to be a game-changer for the renewable energy industry and its energy storage capabilities, so it is no surprise that investors and innovators of the level of Gates and Bezos have looked to get involved early on. There is no telling how they may see this innovation being of use to themselves and their future ventures, but at the very least it has the potential to make them major profit if it becomes as widespread as it could be.

For now, we’ll be keeping our eyes open to any further development in the molten salt energy storage field, as well as any spin-off ideas that may take renewable energy storage options even further into the future. It’s definitely an exciting time to be involved with the energy sector and the benefits that it can bring to communities across the world as we all look to find the most sustainable energy options going forward.

swimming pool

Newark Leisure Centre looking to build new swimming pool

As lifestyles become more sedentary and the television secures its spot as the centre of hearth and home, there has been a knock-on impact on public health in Britain. It is no surprise then that a population that has stopped prioritising movement, is seeing unprecedented levels of obesity and other lifestyle related diseases. In an effort to counteract the ensuing burden on the NHS of an increasingly unhealthy population, the public sector has undertaken a renewal of investment in health and fitness facilities for the people of the United Kingdom.

One such example is the Newark Leisure Centre which was opened by the council in 2016. Built and managed by Active4Today, the centre has served as health and fitness mecca for residents of Sherwood. The Newark Leisure centre offers a state-of-the-art gym, swimming pool, fitness studio and squash courts for adults and children alike. The provision of quality fitness and lifestyle infrastructure by the council has seen a strong upsurge in the number of district residents participating in healthy, active pursuits.

Including the Newark Leisure Centre, there are three leisure centres serving the area and the swimming pool, commissioned to commence in 2019 and be completed in 2020, is part of an initiative to get more people swimming. This is not only in recognition of the health benefits of swimming, a sport that offers an impressive cardio-vascular workout with little to no impact on the joints, but also as a public service to prevent drownings. It has long been recognised that learning to swim is an essential part of a child’s active development. Water safety and swimming competency is not just about saving lives, it also boosts confidence and self-esteem.

This focus, which is echoed in Newark Leisure Centre looking for the right swimming pool builders, is also part of the UK government’s Free Swimming’ initiative which is funded by five government departments. The momentum for supporting the Free Swimming’ programme is based around local councils ensuring free swimming access for children (16 and under) and for adults (60 and over). There is recognition in all regions of the country, not just Sherwood which hosts the Newark Leisure Centre, that the country will derive health and economic benefits from a population that swims.

One of the reasons the local authority is supporting Newark Leisure Centre looking to build a new swimming pool is because it needs to cater proactively for the increased population numbers in the area. There is a large-scale, new housing development underway on vacant land between Stepnall Heights and Hallam Road. Furthermore, Boughton and Ollerton, two of the most populous areas of Sherwood, are also seeing an increase in the number of people moving into the area. The reality is that the current leisure centre facilities are inadequate to cater to the health and fitness requirements of such a high density of people.

The risk, should the health and wellness infrastructure remain as limited as it is currently, is that an already sedentary population will remain unmotivated to take control of their own lifestyles by making active, healthy choices. A leisure centre that is too far away for convenience means that someone who was considering swimming, will rather choose to watch TV at home. This is why it is so critical to support Newark Leisure Centre looking to build a new swimming pool.



Plans approved to flatten woodland in Basildon Leisure Park

The Basildon Leisure Park is a one-hectare site that shelters reptiles, birds, and bats. And, on November 6, 2018, the Planning Committee of the Basildon’s Council approved the plans to flatten the woodland in the park through unanimous vote.

One of the main reason for the approval is to provide space for the construction of more industrial units. Despite the reason and the approval, there are still some conditions that must be met by Created Ambition One (the applicant) such as preserving the area’s wildlife and carrying out a full measured survey.

A Brief Description of The Site
There is a woodland that contains blackthorn, alder, willow, ash, and hawthorn trees at the site. It also has well developed oak trees and a running stream in it. According to the council officers, the A127, the festival way, and the waterfront walk are all at the border of the site. Which is said to have so many trees that are about 20+ years old. Because this grand site is about to be lost, a lot of people expressed their concerns for its loss.

People’s Concerns About the Loss of The Land
One of the raised issue on the flattening of the woodland was that, draining the surface waters would be a problem once the trees are gone.  But, the lead authority of the local flood said, they would not object to the bulldozing of the trees as far as the developer provide a well detailed scheme for the drainage of the surface water.

Also, the officers of the Basildon council stated that the developer had already provided a plan for draining the water and an assessment of the risk of flood. Whereas, those documents were not made known to the people.

Congestion of traffic and finding a space to park cars was another issue raised by the operator of Quays pub and hotel— a pub that is situated close to the site. That issue was also overruled by the traffic surveyors’ chairperson who saidit would lead to low traffic instead of congested ones.

What the Plan Entails
In total, there would seven units constructed on the site. They would be utilized for offices, industry, distribution, and storage. According to some reports, it was stated that most of the trees would be uprooted doing the process. But, the areas that has wet wood located at the boundaries of the north and east would be left behind. Also, an installed barrier would protect the roots of the retained woods.

The reason the officers of the council nominated the site approval was because they believe it would open about 35 new employment opportunities for the community. Besides that, it is going to increase the industrial units stock as well. Furthermore, the arboricultural officer stated that if there is a plan to replace the trees, the plan would not be objected to.

Again, the council replied, there was already a plan for 15 different species of new trees to be put in place by the developer. Inclusive in that plan are different varieties of flowers, shrubs, herbs, and hedges. Finally, they concluded some conditions must be met for the plan to be approved. This include building houses for the birds. The sheltered bats should be relocated to a different place. And, that they must protect the reptiles.

House driveway paving

How to Choose the Best Driveway Paving Option

Regardless of whether your disintegrating, old driveway is in urgent need of repair or you’re putting in a driveway for another development property, there are a few options to choose from for paving your drive. Make sure that you’ve considered the upsides and downsides of every material for your paving venture by adapting more about customary black-top, block, and paver driveways and also square checking to figure out which driveway paving option is ideal for your home. For anyone looking for Gravel driveways Wirral options, or across the UK, knowing this is helpful:

Black-top Driveways:

Black-top driveways are a standard and necessary option and are by a long shot the most well-known driveway paving material/style the nation over. Putting in a black-top driveway can make a steady driving surface with a dull appearance. In any case, this isn’t an assignment you would need to deal with without anyone else, because of the different advances fundamental for a steady, durable drive.

You’ll additionally need to ensure you legitimately vet any driveway paving organizations you consider procuring to guarantee you locate a gifted proficient who will take care of business right. Black-top driveway paving starts with setting up the hidden soil underneath where the covering of black-top will be laid. Accuracy for putting smooth, even black-top is fundamental for the quality and lifespan of your driveway.

Block & Paver Driveways:

In case you’re hoping to make an eye-getting driveway that will emerge on your square, consider an out-of-the-container approach. Black-top entrances are the undeniable go-to for a durable driving surface, yet on the off chance that you need to give your driveway identity and style, you might need to investigate utilizing pavers. Pavers are an uncommon kind of block or square employed for driveway paving.

With regards to this style of the driveway, you have plenty of options. You could choose to put in brick or pavers for your whole street or merely the “cover,” (an initial couple of feet of the drive). You need to think about the kind of square utilized, the shading, and the state of the paver to make the adapted driveway you had always wanted.

Past picking your favored style, it’s vital to introduce the driveway effectively by finding talented driveway paving temporary workers. On the off chance that the black-top, pavers or different materials are not laid accurately, you may wind up confronting plenty of issues. Black-top driveways can break if not introduced suitably, while driveway pavers can move and move strange, doing expanding splits, if their underlying establishment isn’t done legitimately.

Square Curbing:

Another excellent option for upgrading your driveway is square checking. Square checking makes an alluring layout around the driveway, additionally filling in as a boundary between the black-top of the drive and your garden. This a la mode expansion to your driveway can give a completed look on your finishing and also help keep weeds from developing onto the driveway. You could combine this checking with a black-top driveway or a block or paver driveway, contingent upon your coveted home tasteful.

Regardless of what you choose for your new driveway, select proficient establishment for quality outcomes that will look great both today and later on!


£2500 Fines in Renfrewshire as Knotweed Problem Grows

Japanese Knotweed, also known as Fallopia Japonica, has become a threat for the landowners in Renfrewshire as it can reduce the value of a property by thousands of pounds. This invasive plant having shield or heart-shaped leaves with purple-dotted green stems can grow up to 3 meters in height.

Usually, it grows through tarmac, brickwork, and concrete. Though it causes no harm to human health, it is a big threat to biodiversity. If its spread is not controlled, there are chances that it will gradually dislocate natural plants causing an imbalance in the system. As a matter of fact, using chemical herbicide is the most effective method of removing this weed permanently. However, this method can take up to 3 long years for permanent eradication.

The rapid spread of this plant has become a big trouble for Renfrewshire and the council is resolute to restrict the spread of this weed at the earliest. As stated by the Renfrewshire Council, it is the responsibility of the landowner and the tenant to effectively manage the spread of the weed. According to a new law, failure to control the spread of the Japanese Knotweed will be considered as an anti-social behavior order and it might result in a fine of up to £2,500. The Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Board of Renfrewshire has confirmed this in a recent meeting.

The council is hopeful that the new law leading to £2500 fines in Renfrewshire as Knotweed problem grows will help to bring the spread under control. Though professional contractors are the best persons to treat the plant, taking advantage of the situation, the contractors tend to charge a high amount for its treatment.

While a contractor can charge up to £2,000, upon doing it personally it will cost the landowners only £30 per year. This is one of the vital reasons why most of the residents are not interested to hire the contractors. Though it is expected from the Council to put a limitation on the price charged by the contractors, it is practically very difficult for the council to put a limitation on the cost across the Japanese knotweed UK removal scene.

However, the landowners can approach the local authority for getting suggestions to hire the best contractor for this purpose. Even though the authority wouldn’t directly recommend the name of any contractor as this will be against their policy, they will provide a list of questions to the landowners which they can ask the contractors while hiring. Since, Japanese Knotweed is a delicacy in Japan, the policy of the Council is not to remove it permanently but to prevent it from spreading.


Demand for property in Dubai struggling to be met by supply

Just 40% of the projected supply of the property market is achieved in the past 5 years. This has led to a potential undersupply which suggests the Dubai property market is experiencing problems. According to UAE-based real estate portal Property Finder, the city could be suffering from an undersupply of property despite concerns to the contrary.

These findings are based on figures from the survey by the independent house finder. Property Finder targeted at least 16,000 properties that have been added in Dubai within the first nine months of 2018. The total number of residential stock is at 503,000 units, 413,000 of which are apartments and 89,833 are villas and townhouses.

This number surpasses the 2017 figure but fails to reach the projected supply of the past five years. Only 40% of the supply was achieved for the 5-year period. This is per the estimates of many consultancies and advisories, such as JLL-Mena and the like. The director of Research and Data at property Finder Lynnette Abad talks about the reports they often hear about the potential oversupply in the Dubai property market. Lynnette feels this would theoretically drive down the value of properties unless the demand increases.

Adding on the matter, Abad said that the new statistics together with their expectations of 2018, the entire property supply in the city had already surpassed the supply experienced last year which had a total of 14,700 handed over. Five top locations where the majority of the new supply was assigned according to Property Finder include:

 – Al Khail Heights
 – Dubai Marina
 – Downtown Dubai
– Arabian Ranches 2
– Jumeirah Village Circle

While considering the remaining part of 2018, there will still be an undersupply since the materialisation rate will be much less even if 25,000 units are planned to be delivered by the end of the year. Developers, the house finder also said, have been slower in the picking up of the trend of adding the supply of Dubai property market with more affordable properties. These purchasable properties could garner investment from those who reside in the city, especially those who are looking for cheaper options.

Now the question most of the property investors in the city are asking themselves is could the property market of Dubai be suffering undersupply problems? This could also be an issue for any new house finder in Dubai. Considering that there is an inadequate supply of properties, people will experience challenges in finding homes.

With just 40% of the planned 5-year project achieved, one may wonder if the problem of lack of homes will end. Obviously, there are people who in the city will have real problems finding a home. The undersupply will also make the available property very expensive and unaffordable for most people. There is a probability the residents will suffer as the market suffers.

Buying property in Greece is the greatest desire of many persons nowadays

Buying building in Greece appears to be rising to the top of several individuals “to do” lists for this life and also this is why there has actually been a raising surge of interests in the estates discovered in this stunning country. Since the turn of the century, property offer for sale in Greece has come to be a horrible destination for international persons who want to buy realty and this has actually turned the action of acquiring building in Greece like a gold hunt.

The best offer of buying building in Greece represents the propriety that is normally made use of as a vacation estate. Apart from this, there are additionally bunches of retired persons that take into consideration acquiring home in Greece an excellent chance to invest their rest of life there. In addition they could ultimately loosen up, appreciate their one-of-a-kind turning of the common as well as do away with the outbreak of task from the big cities.

Greece is now incorporating an excellent location of investment in realty, in motley areas, such as industrial, industrial, property. After the Olympic Games had been held in Greece there was a boom in purchasing home in Greece. This high passion has actually not been satiated yet. Although the foreign individuals that are ferreting out for building available in Greece could locate the procedure of really possessing a propriety a complex collection of rules as well as policies, it is necessary for them to be accustomed with the fact that understanding and absorbing all things called for and of course trying to satisfy them will certainly very soon help them be the possessors of a building for sale in Greece.

Because of a brand-new change to the Greek legislation, international people could currently dare to fantasize at the terrific proprieties located in Crete and Corfu, areas that once were considered really delicate. As a result, if you prefer to have access to a home available for sale in Greece, in addition to checking various websites on the web it is a good idea to resort to expert agencies that are approved to give you inconspicuous items of insight concerning your wish of buying residential property in Greece.

Moreover, there if you intend to acquit residential property available in Greece, are imposed no constraint it is a fantastic possession for you. Nevertheless, it is crucial to think about that prior to buying building in Greece a prerequisite for you is to be given the permission to acquire a property in the Greece by a local authority. After this you will certainly be a real freehold pet parent, and also therefore a great guidance for you is to crack while the iron is still hot and to capitalize on this desirability.

It holds true that acquiring property in Greece may need you to deposit a bunch of time however it is actually worthwhile, and also apart from this there are a huge selection of sites and also companies ready to strengthen your actions and to assist you acquire an ideal building available for sale in Greece.

Buying Foreclosures: The Pros and Cons of REOs

Are you wanting to get an economical residence? If you are, you could resort to repossession residential property listings online. Foreclosed residential properties are commonly readily available at a steeply discounted rate. Keeping that said, customers need to know that acquiring and also residing in a foreclosed property isn’t as simple as it appears. That is why some customers instead opt for homes that are referred to as REOs. These properties are real estate owned.

As formerly stated, buying as well as relocating right into a foreclosed residence isn’t always a walk in the park. For beginners, some states tend to extract the process. For example, just due to the fact that you are the winning bidder at a foreclosure auction, it does not mean that you could relocate right away. As a matter of fact, you could still end up without any residence. Why? Because lots of states have redemption laws. These legislations provides delinquent debtors time to get their home loan back in good standing.

Next off, it is necessary to know that many people do not want to leave their homes. While many will do so when confronted with a lawful eviction notification, you might be surprised how many passengers argued. Actually, there are even cases where legal actions were brought against the brand-new customers! If you are incapable to afford the price of lawful representation, foreclosures could not be in your best interest.

Liens and also backed taxes likewise need to be analyzed. Depending upon the state concerned, customers of repossession homes might be responsible for any type of outstanding liens or backed tax obligations. Do not allow this come as a surprise to you after the reality. If you are not cautious, this can considerably enhance the cost of a repossession, possibly making it no more budget friendly. For your very own personal defense, constantly speak with a professional before getting a seized residential property, especially at a realtor public auction.

Considering that the acquiring of repossessions can be considered a risky business, there are several house owners who opt to acquire realtor had (REO) residence or property. When it comes to exactly what these properties are, the original lenders own them. During this process, the lender is likewise generally described as the financier. Many times, the loan provider in question will certainly buy back the home in question at a realtor public auction. This is usually done when not enough passion in generated in the public auction or when the quotes are expected to be or are reduced.

Lots of professionals specify that acquiring an REO residence is the most effective means to buy a property that is in difficulty. Why? Because at this stage, the home is likely free from all residents. Financial lenders usually have the ways as well as the power to force out all occupants, even those that protest leaving. The only individuals you must have to deal with are the financiers, which would be the financial institution. In rare events, a bank could pass on the sale of the home of a property agent. However, given that realty agents take a percentage of each sale, the asking rate of an REO house is most likely to raise. For the very best price, take care of banks directly.

As for just how you could locate realty own properties, check out all regional banks in your location. Ask if there are any real estate had buildings presently readily available to buy. If so, inquire on those homes. The on-line websites of nationally owned, yet locally operated financial institutions could be examined as well. Sometimes, REO residential properties are listed available for sale online. Keep in mind, the same info could be gotten by setting up a personally fulfilling the financial institution’s loan policeman or realtor advisor.

As a vital caution, whenever you are interested in getting a house, whether it be with a standard realty broker sale, an REO, or a confiscated property, never take part in any agreements without the correct legal competency. Always very first hire or consultant with an attorney that focuses on property or repossessions.

Top Tips For Getting The Most From Commercial Real Estate

Many Americans are concerned about the present commercial realty market. In the past, several thought that it was a great financial investment market, but nowadays people are avoiding it. The following short article has numerous tips to help you out if you are looking to invest in the present market or perhaps if you on your own are a house owner.

Specific hazardous products may be present in apartment or condos situated in older structures. Inquire about the leasing representative concerning the existence of asbestos, lead based paint, or pesticides. Don’t rent out a flat with a recognized carcinogen to you as well as your household. The lasting wellness issues caused by unhealthy materials in the apartment will certainly cause a lot more problems, compared to the temporary advantages of cheaper rent.

Maintaining benefit partnerships is critical to your success as an industrial real estate investor. When compared with houses, business homes are sometimes much more expensive. Commercial property processes are also longer. You will therefore be dealing with realtors, companions, as well as other capitalists for extended periods of time with a lot more at stake. Your relationships could make or break your financial investments.

If you intend to lease your houses or offices at a great price, think of hiring an indoor decorator. A great designer will produce a cozy environment that makes tenants feel at home even if they are renting a rather little and also traditional apartment or condo. This could improve the worth of your house.

For new capitalists or even skilled investors, it is best to have an investment partner. Buying home could be a very pricey procedure. A partner can assist you balance out the expense of purchasing residential property by utilizing cash or credit rating. You can pay your companion back with profits from the sale of the building.

To make the appropriate option as you are searching for the best commercial property, you wish to understand your surrounding companies. You do not wish to be as well near those that are similar to you as it might steal a few of your company, while producing heavy competition too.

It is optimal to get in touch with a real estate attorney prior to obtaining industrial property. Recognizing all the legal language and laws that are integral in buying commercial real estate is crucial. A realty lawyer will certainly help you learn the legal jargon and also discuss points to you in an understandable fashion.

On average, it will take about a week, possibly much longer for testimonial of the lawful documents for the sale. Be sure to maintain this in mind when you are intending any type of sort of projects for that home. It will take much longer for a business sale to be completed compared to how much it would certainly a property real estate sale.

By complying with the above tips you will have the ability to stay energetic in the realty market, even in these financially attempting times. You could currently see that it is not required to prevent this market as long as you recognize the dangers and incentives that are present.