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Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates join in backing Google idea to store energy in molten salt

In an interesting and innovative move, the company Malta, based in Massachusetts, have come up with the idea of storing electricity through heating molten salt. As well as gaining a range of interest from non-famous investors, they have also gained the support of two of the most famous, and richest, men in the world.

Both Jeff Bezos, principal owner of Amazon, and Bill Gates, leader of the Microsoft empire, have gotten behind this new technology as they see it’s potential to boost energy storage options going forward. The company has only been set up a year, but has shown tremendous growth, an indicator of the quality of their idea.

There have been many advances in energy storage in recent years, not least the developments in batteries for solar storage, but this new molten salt invention has the potential to be the best of the bunch. One of the issues with renewable energy is that the energy generated can at times be wasted, especially at peak times when energy is being generated faster than it can be stored. This new molten salt storage capability can help put this issue to rest and store the energy as long as needed.

Utilising an array of thermal energy capabilities, the energy is fascinatingly stored as heat in ‘solar salt’ as well as having the ability to be stored as cold in antifreeze liquid conditions. Having been stored as heat or cold, it can then be returned to the Grid as electricity when it is needed, with the capability of being stored for weeks if necessary.

This truly does have the potential to be a game-changer for the renewable energy industry and its energy storage capabilities, so it is no surprise that investors and innovators of the level of Gates and Bezos have looked to get involved early on. There is no telling how they may see this innovation being of use to themselves and their future ventures, but at the very least it has the potential to make them major profit if it becomes as widespread as it could be.

For now, we’ll be keeping our eyes open to any further development in the molten salt energy storage field, as well as any spin-off ideas that may take renewable energy storage options even further into the future. It’s definitely an exciting time to be involved with the energy sector and the benefits that it can bring to communities across the world as we all look to find the most sustainable energy options going forward.